Monday, December 15, 2008

I find it funny that people blog

I find it funny that many people find blogging as a trend nowadays. It's as if you're cool rating increases tenfold if you have a blog. I also find the many reasons why people start blogging to be funny. Blogging is supposed to be just a digital diary or a journal of your day to day lives, but somehow people seem to use it as a definite way to attract attention. I mean aren't journals and diaries supposed to be secret, not to be read openly by everyone? Not to be "Hey guys check out what I did on saturday, saturday night, like i got totally wasted, and sunday morning i woke up with a super hangover, and damn I don't remember who I came home with me last night. Hey stop calling me a slut and stop judging me!" kind of a thing.

So yeah why do people blog? To record an instance of their memories and thoughts online for others to know? To anonymously rant about every single thing but are too bloody scared to do so in reality? Or simply to preserve an online presence, a copy of our personality, consciousness because we're afraid that when we leave this world nothing stays forever.

Me? I blog for fun. So if i'm not in the mood, I wont post anything at all so shut it.

I find it funny that I'm blogging again