Saturday, January 17, 2009

I find it funny that taxi drivers drive the way they do

We all have had our own fair share of taxi rides. Who doesn't? We've been car-less at one time, or simply taking the public transportation because we can't be bothered to be stuck in jam. 

What strikes me as... well funny, is how taxi drivers continue to drive the way they do. Yes you know what I mean. Absence of signals, complete disregard of public and personal safety, and absolutely no respect for the law. Ok lah I guess there are some normal ones. I remember one witty pakcik who commented on other drivers driving. 

We were chatting on something and despite making jokes about other drivers, one driver caught his attention. It was a car swerving into his lane in the last minute but without a signal.

"Ya Allah... mesti perempuan ni." said the driver. Truthfully enough it was a women (though I'm not saying anything of this matter, I reserve my opinion to female drivers as my own. If you wanna hear it you gotta ride with me) So she got in front of him and we stopped at a traffic light crossroads. It was obvious we were taking a right but at that particular time she gave her signal.

"Apa la ko ni, memang la nak pusing kanan, tak perlu la signal. Haiihh (the woman took a slow slow turn) aku langgar bontot kau baru tau!" 

What really prompted me to write this is one particularly strange driver. I was at the Batu tiga station, found myself a driver and hopped in. He was of mid 30s and seemed like the typical racer. Sure enough inside were modded to his likings. I'm not sure if it's legal for you to mod your taxi company's car but he changed the steering, pedals, gear and even handbrake to racing types. 

So how did he drive? Like a twat of course. He sped off (yours truly clawed to the seats despite a seatbelt in place), swerved in and out without signals, took last minute brakes, jumped the red light, cut the line at the traffic light when there's only 2 and he made the 3rd one, sent me straight to my office in mere seconds and then when i pointed out to the road leading to my office he screeched to a halt. What the hell I thought. What possible anarchistic maneuver is he pulling? It was a sunday, no cars at this small road. The area was quiet as a closed library.  "Eh depan ni Cik" said I. He replied "Tak boleh, kena berhenti kat sini". "Kenapa?" I asked and he pointed to the no entry sign "No entry ni dik". 

Bemused, I paid the dood and walked off. He took a U-Turn and sped off with devilish speed.

I find taxi drivers funny

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