Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I find it funny that LCPeans work they way we do

Well okay this goes straight regarding The Making of Geng or Geng: Di Sebalik Tabir. When a director came in to prove he was right for the job of directing a full live action feature film under our producer's support, we rejected it and said it was way too boring and serious. We wanted the making of geng to be fun and informative. 

Of course he didn't get it but that's beside the point. The point is our team took over the project and worked so hard to make it as fun as possible aside being very informative to mainstream audience. After another revamp of the project, we finally got it right. All the pioneers acted as lively as we could, making ridiculous jokes and acting, basically making a fool of ourselves in hopes that audiences would really enjoy it.

So what's funny? Now the team just realised everyone in Malaysia would probably have seen the show and will recognize us and our ridiculous gags. Now the team is ever shy with whatever it is they did and hope not too many people would have seen the show and recognize us in the streets.

I find us funny

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