Monday, March 2, 2009

I still find bloogers funny

Why? Cos bloggers are inconsistent beings. So here it is, our film explodes and so too does the online coverage of the product. Early bloggers gave rave reviews and told everyone to watchit. So everyone did. And now every single humble audience who has a personal blog (well that's quite a lot now innit?) has expressed his/her overjoyed experience of the film in their own blog. Now wait I dont condone of this. I love it extremely. It is with these sort of blog posts do the drive to try harder and to climb higher keep on burning in me. I thank all who have supported and all who have watched.

So what's funny? Those who originally gave good reviews about us, then suddenly realised that his/her blog isn't so special anymore since everyone else gave a good review as well. I mean come on we gotta be different right? 

So what can you do when everyone else is giving two thumbs up and the likes? Why give them the exact opposite of course! Show them what you think! Prove through your review how smarter you are and how well you would've done it better if you have had the same chance. Be the most anal as you can be and disect the story like a cadaver! Cringe while others applaud! 

Yeap that's how you'll get the attention. By being an inconsistent insincere nitwit and say the exact opposite of what you felt early on. 

Nerds... all you had to do was be honest in the beginning and I'd respect that. If you didn't like it... finnnee... if you liked it... wahey let's be friends! 

But don't go around telling two different stories altogether. 

Oh I also find "reviewers" who dissect films by going through minute by minute looking into every aspect and detail to find faults and mistakes a buncha hillarious geeks. Can you imagine how hillarious these people seem to be. To pay 10 bucks, walk into a hall (with popcorn and softdrink in hand... or not) and to NOT do the one thing you're supposed to do in a cinema hall... watch and enjoy the film, but instead aaannaaallise. (Have you ever felt that it's funny the word analyse can't be spelt without 'anal'?[ yes i'm a english twit who spells analyse with an s, so shutit you yanks])  

I'm not talking about people who watches films and critic them. Naw that's fine. I do that all the time. I'm talking about these doods who keep their watches ready, watching the film, eye on the minute handle and going "AHA!!! 10th minute and nothing happens!! Not so smart now Mr Director!!" or "Ahah! Where is the plot point?! Where is the midpoint?! And by god how does this all fit into the Hero's journey I've learnt in class?!!!"   

Because we took the hero's journey archetype and threw it out the window. Why? Because it's just a guideline you nerds... Chill and just enjoy the film. If you don't, then fine eat your popcorn and stop looking at the watch. The film will be over soon. 

Wahey looks like I'm back to ranting again!

I find film critic bloggers funny

ps- I still respect and appreciate all who have watched, enjoyed/not so much enjoyed, and gave their reviews about Geng. All your feedbacks (both good and bad) have been taken into account. Seriously, chill. I get it that the snake was scary. I respect even those who didn't enjoy the film but supported us anyway. It means a lot to me. 


  1. i always imagine to have upin and ipin at my birthday party instead of scary and ugly clown

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