Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Official business

It's strange, and funny at the same time. I've handled many things before. Having meetings with top management and director while knowing I'll have my ass handed to me, trip to overseas and make decisions on the mixing for the film, made phone calls to companies local and overseas that involves big money, many many things that would have left scared shitless and trembling. 

Yet the minute I stepped into the RHB Bank branch earlier today to make a deposit to my credit card, my hands were sweaty and the hairs on my back stood. The deposit slip shaked in my palms and when it was my turn, I crept nervously to the counter.

"Dah ada ASB account?" Akak counter


Ok so maybe I'm exaggerating the whole thing... a little. But really I somehow get really really nervous with all this normal official stuff that I shouldn't. Banks, Car related stuff, ASB, House rental, even bloody post office errands. Really really.

I somehow have this fear that the person in charge will shove down their administration down my throat and lock me up for a million years. Somewhat lah! I'm still trying to get used to this. 

I find it funny that I'm nervous with post office and banks.

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